Help – Equipment table options

Equipment Table Navagation

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How to access the Inventory Equipment table from the Log-in dashboard.
How to Search using Golbal search box for a location for  an inventory list
General layout of the EQUIPMENT table
How to filter and sort using column heading names
How to filter using the +FILTER icon
How to view links in the table – Inspection procedures
How to use the TOOL BOX to access more features
How to attach files to equipment
How to select and use the print previewer prior to printing a hard copy
How to update an inventory device or to add a new device
How to show workorders associated with a inventory device
Also see REPORTS help


inv 1

As a quick example, to search for equipment in a specific department. Use the golbal search box as shown

Once found you can sort it A-Z in any column, then ‘select all’ then ‘Print Summary’ to print a hard copy


General layout descriptions of the ‘EQUIPMENT’  tab page – where data is displayed

inventory pic 77

General layout descriptions of header section detailing user and service company and page display options

inventory pic 8

How to select and sort using a column heading  – typical dialog box

inventory pic 9

How to select and sort for data using the ‘FILTER’ icon

inventory sort pic 10a

How to select and sort for data using the ‘FILTER’ icon, example of multiple selections

inventory sort pic 10

How to view the inspection procedure under the ‘INSP TYPE’ column

inventory pic 11

Example of the inspection procedure under ‘INSP TYPE’ for the item equipment selected

inventory pic 11a

How to use the ‘TOOL BOX’ Icon to show options  associated with this device.

inventory pic 12

Example of expanded ‘TOOL BOX’ when it is selected, ‘FILES’ is selected

inventory pic 12a

Example continued  showing FILES associated with this device

inventory pic 12b

When ‘NOTES’ is selected in the ‘TOOL BOX’ a dialog box is brought up to enter any notes

inventory pic 12c

When ‘PRINT’ is selected in the ‘TOOL BOX’, The device is diplayed in an inventory report with its associated inspection procedure

inventory pic 12d

 After it is shown in the previewer, one can choose to print it, or save as a PDF using your printer options

inventory pic 12e

The last option in the ‘TOOL BOX’ is ‘UPDATE’. Which will allow the user to view all the information on the device

The Facility Manager has the ability to change certain fields.  Other fiels are edited by the Service Technician

inventory pic 12f

The next couple of images show how to use the center task bar to select and view records using the ‘SELECT ALL’ tab

Inv prt pic 15

Once records are selected, one can view  an inventory report prior to printing

inv prt 16

The next example show the selected records printed in a PDF format from your computer

inv prt 17

To add a single device as a client manager

Inventory Add Equip

To add multiple devices using a spread sheet

Inventory Import Equip

To select a device to find and print work orders

Inventory wo select

Inventory wo selected

The beforemention examples demostrate the typical viewing, sorting, filtering, displaying, printing of all tabs in the main menu