Joint Commission plans to change EOC standards

June 9, 2014
Dear Valued GE Customers,

The Joint Commission recently announced their plans to change or expand several of their Environment of Care standards related to the management of medical equipment. To date, the Joint Commission has not yet released the exact wording of these alterations, as they continue to work with CMS to ensure any changes remain compliant with CMS standards CFR §482.41(c). In an effort to ensure that we continually meet your needs, GE Healthcare has met with representatives from the Joint Commission to discuss the proposed changes and come away from that meeting confident that our current program meets or exceeds the new requirements.

Although we cannot provide specifics until these standards are officially released, we understand they will impact the following areas:

• A requirement for facilities have a comprehensive inventory of all medical devices;
• The delineation of high-risk and low-risk devices;
• The use of alternative equipment maintenance (AEM) strategies;
• The use of relocatable power taps in patient care areas;

GE Healthcare works closely with key players in the healthcare and medical device industries to identify trends that impact our customers’ management of their medical equipment. We continually review updates to standards and requirements, adopt industry best practices, and make changes in our Healthcare Technology Management Program to drive improvements in compliance, productivity and simplification that our customers demand.

We will release more detailed communications outlining GE’s compliance with the upcoming Joint Commission standards after they are released. Until that time, please feel free to reach out to me or your local GE service leadership team with any comments or questions regarding this matter.


Donna Marie Dyer
Director, GEHC Customer Quality