TJC Alarm Management Debate



National Alarm Safety Meeting Generates Debate on Data

As reported in an April 30 press release from AAMI, nearly 100 healthcare technology stakeholders met last April in Arlington, VA, to kick off “an unprecedented two-year initiative to improve alarm management in healthcare.”

A noteworthy element of the first-ever meeting of the  National Coalition for Alarm Management Safety, according to the report, was a debate over developing and publishing best practices: “Some attendees thought the process should rely on data already generated in the clinical environment, while others favored a nationwide clinical trial to gather additional evidence.”

Outcomes of the meeting included the following list of planned deliverables:

  • A compendium of recommendations based on HTSI-produced alarm webinars and white papers, known collectively as the Safety Innovations series
  • A list of recommended enhancements for the medical device industry to build into future software and product versions
  • A compilation of aggregated parameter data supplied by the member hospitals
  • Educational tools to teach clinicians about alarm settings and how to customize these settings for each patient

Over the next 2 years, according to the report, the goal of the alarm safety coalition is compile a list of suggestions on how hospitals can become “high-reliability organizations” and to write preliminary recommendations about the management of ventilator and infusion pump alarms.

Read more about the meeting on the AAMI website.